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An aerial view of the bustling Habourside Market in Te Aro Wellington. There are tents set up, heaps of colourful produce and many people shopping.

Harbourside Market

What better way to kick off your Sunday morning than a visit to Wellington’s open-air food and produce market. Sitting near the waterfront with Te Papa Tongarewa flanking one side, the Harbourside Market is a regular stop for locals doing their weekly grocery shop. Though fresh produce is the main attraction, you’ll find handmade wares, baked goods, live music, and food trucks galore.

This area has a rich history of providing fresh produce to locals, dating back more than 100 years. In the 1920s, much of the city’s produce was bought and sold across the road from Blair and Allen Streets. The warehouses used remain today and are now home to bars and restaurants.

A family sitting and enjoying food from the Harbourside markets.

The Harbourside Market has operated from its waterfront spot since 2002. Stretching from Cable Street to the waterfront walkway Te Ara Moana, it can attract up to 25,000 people on a Sunday morning. On top of the many fruit and vegetable stalls, there are 30 food trucks and food vendors offering snacks, drinks, and meals.

There’s something for everyone. Whether you like your hotdogs Bavarian or Chilean-style or prefer Cambodian to Indian cuisine — it’s all here. You can grab a coffee or a real fruit ice cream, dumplings or pork buns, crepes, pastries, oliebollen, or sourdough crumpets.

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