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Long ecposure shot of people walking through Willis lane, underneath Lambton Quay.

Willis Lane

Beneath the road on Willis Street lies a subterranean wonderland. Willis Lane sits underground on the corner of Lambton Quay and Willis Street. Head down to discover a fantastic selection of bars and eateries, alongside interactive entertainment.

With a sleek, sophisticated interior filled with tunnels and vaulted brick archways, Willis Lane has a touch of New York subway chic. It’s designed to be both convenient and a destination in its own right. With mini golf, 10-pin bowling, and arcade games it hums with life throughout the day and night. Licensed bars, restaurants, and quality fast food options complement the entertainment. Visit for coffee, lunch with workmates, evening drink, or games night.

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Your tastebuds will be sated with flavours from Malaysia, Mexico, Japan, Italy, Vietnam, China, and plenty more. You could begin by visiting Churly’s By Behemoth. The small-batch brewer has a great selection of beers on offer, supported by a hearty menu. From charcuterie and small plates to classic big burgers.

Crack Chicken offers a mouthwatering cross between Nashville-style and Korean-style fried chicken. It’s crunchy and juicy and can come with waffles and hot sauce. For timeless Italian food fare, Corso Pastaria brings the bella vita to every plate. Its linguini, maccheroni, and spaghetti are all prepared with an authentic touch. Wilson BBQ is a Wellington urban institution and part of the Willis Lane cohort. Specialising in slow-cooked meat, burgers, and wings, its succulent American BBQ is unrivalled.

If it’s some fun you want, then Willis Lane is unrivalled. There are games a plenty on offer. Holey Moley is a mini golf course and bar that turns traditional putt-putt into a multi-sensory labyrinth of unique holes. Sink a putt and take a picture in a Van Gogh painting, or around King Kong, or on The Flintstones car.

Next door is Archie Brothers Cirque Electriq. It’s an arcade and cocktail bar that gives tricky ticket games a new life. Shoot hoops, go racing, and try for the biggest boxing punch. It’s a carnival of fun for young and old. There are also 10-pin bowling alleys and karaoke lounges.