Inside Wilson Trollope, mannequins are seen in front of the large glass windows, racks of clothes adorn the walls and the counter has jewellery inside a glass case.

Wilson Trollope

Wilson Trollope makes clothes that make women feel great about themselves. The brand is feminine, classic yet contemporary, and inviting. It’s known for its wonderful dresses — complete with handy pockets. The designs are comfortable and flattering and sit beautifully on the body.

“We focus on what flatters the female form. Everything we do is to highlight it,” says Annabelle Wilson, the brains behind the Wellington fashion label.

Wilson Trollope designs are mostly made from woven fabrics that fall crisply and freely over the body. “It gives a clean shape to both our loose and fitted styles. Our signature style is a crisp and clean silhouette that is easy to wear and looks timeless.”

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The brand’s flagship store is on a busy corner of Wellington’s Victoria Street. Floral prints and design touches bring the signature Wilson Trollope femininity to the space. It’s a warm and welcoming environment, with attentive staff on hand to help you find the perfect style.

The women in Annabelle’s family believe you should dress for yourself in clothing that makes you feel great. This philosophy now drives Annabelle to empower and inspire other women through her designs. “The ultimate test to know if something is right for you is when you put a garment on. Does it make you feel good? Do you want to come out of the changing room? Has it put a smile on your face? If it doesn’t then it’s not right. Listening and trusting your intuition is the key. If you follow your instinct, you can’t go wrong.”

The front window of Wilson Trollope, a womenswear store in Te Aro, Wellington.