The Petone boat ramp, Hikoikoi,  with colourful boat sheds and boats in the morning sun.

Where  meets Wellington Harbour at Petone, Hikoikoi is a quaint fishing village.

The colourful properties, boatsheds, and boats are a showcase of local creativity. It makes for a picturesque setting against a backdrop of coastal flora.

The location offers views up the river, over to industrial parts of the Hutt Valley, and across the harbour to parts of Wellington.

The boat ramp is near Hikoikoi Reserve and 25 minutes from central Wellington.

Location details

Jurisdiction Lower Hutt City Council
Permits required Yes, apply for a permit
Location descriptors Boats, ships, bridges, coastal, seaports, waterways, bays, boardwalks, piers, jetties, boathouses, boatsheds, harbours, marinas, ports, wharves, sea/ocean, ocean views, seaside towns, yacht clubs, coastal villages, river.