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Over the shoulder look at a person holding chopsticks with food from Apache, smiling and getting ready to eat.
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    122 Wakefield Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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Hanoi meets Paris in the centre of Wellington. A popular spot for lunch and dinner, Apachè serves up Vietnamese-inspired dishes infused with elements from France. Local ingredients are mixed with fragrant herbs in dishes designed to be shared, just like in the busy streets of Hanoi.

Owner and chef Le Minh’s inspiration for opening Apachè was to cook the foods he grew up with and loved sharing with people. Having grown up in an area of Vietnam once occupied by the French, there is a strong French influence on Le’s food and culture. He manages to fuse multiple cuisines for maximum flavour. Balancing spicy, salty, sour, sweet and bitter flavours perfectly in elevated street foods, Apachè is a masterclass in why simple is often better.

Close-up of a beef dish on a table amongst other dishes at Apache in Wellington.

If you’re not sure where to start, a standout is the Bang Bang chicken salad. The dish is a permanent fixture and a local favourite, according to Le. But don’t limit yourself to just one dish. Apachè comes into its own when enjoyed in a group. Order a bit of everything from curries to bao buns to noodles and rice, and share among the group, family style.

Apachè opened on Wakefield Street in 2015, and has been a strong favourite with both locals and visitors since. Housed in a heritage building, it’s the perfect nod to the old meets new ethos of the restaurant. Decorative tiled flooring sits below your feet, while industrial light fixtures hang above. You’re surrounded by a lush array of plants and foliage that remind you of the jungles of Vietnam.

Close-up of chef in the kitchen at Apache, tossing up meat in a pan with fire coming off the oil.