Peter Hook stands on stage playing the bass guitar. Stage lights illuminate the background with smoke in the air, the drummer is behind him. The image is black and white.

Peter Hook & The Light make a triumphant return to Australasia in 2024. They will play all the singles albums of Joy Division and New Order.

Peter was the bassist and co-founder of Joy Division in 1976. The band's sound and style made them one of the pioneering groups of the post-punk movement. In 1980 he went on to form New Order. They had success over the next decade blending post-punk with electronic and dance music.

For the much-anticipated concert in Wellington, Peter Hook & The Light will perform, in its entirety, music from both band’s compilation albums ‘Substance’. Originally released in 1987 and 1988 the albums include well-known songs ‘Blue Monday’, ‘Temptation’, ‘ Ceremony’, ‘Transmission’, ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, and ‘Dead Souls’.

Both bands’ albums are being played sequentially and fully. This will be the most complete appreciation of the Joy Division and New Order catalogue to date.


“A masterclass in euphoria and heartache in equal measure.”