A wide of two people looking at a shelf of perfumes at Abel Odor Perfumery in Wellington.

Abel Odor

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    83 Aro Street, Aro Valley, Wellington

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    Abel Odor

Aro Valley is home to a range of brewers, bakers, and makers. But head down a little lane on Aro Street and it’s not beer, bread, or coffee beans you’ll sniff out, but perfume. Natural perfume, to be exact.

Abel Odor’s (pronounced ‘ah-bell’) spot in the valley is part factory, part shop. It’s known as the ‘fabriek’, the Dutch word for factory. It’s the home base for the natural perfumery.

The shop’s Dutch name is a nod to the brand’s origins. Kiwi ex-winemaker Frances Shoemack started Abel in Amsterdam in 2011. The brand was born from Frances’ quest for a natural perfume that was as modern and chic as it was sustainable and ethical.

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Pop your head into Abel’s Aro Street shop, and you’ll likely find Frances herself. She’s often brewing up batches of natural scents ready for shipping across the world.

The transparency of showing the making process as part of the in-store experience is a reflection of the brand. Abel champions sustainability and transparency in everything it does. All of its ingredients are 100% natural and plant-derived. And, unlike most perfume brands, they’re all listed online, including each one’s origin.

The store welcomes visitors, encouraging them to peek behind the scenes at Abel’s latest creations. Shoppers can experience Abel’s scents in an engaging, personal way with the people who brought them to life.

Two people sampling scents from the Abel Odor perfumery in Wellington.