Wellington Regional Economic Development Plan

Collaboration and partnerships will help to shape future growth in the Wellington-Wairarapa-Horowhenua region

The Wellington-Wairarapa-Horowhenua region needs a regional economic development plan to guide the long-term direction and focus implementation activities over the next five to 10 years.

The Wellington Regional Leadership Committee is made up of mayors, government ministers, iwi leaders and an independent chair. They are working together to help the region set the direction, prioritise, fund and enable high impact economic initiatives.

Together they provide a platform to positively influence and drive the region’s future, unlock opportunities and address shared challenges.

Now, WellingtonNZ, as the region’s economic development agency, has been called in to co-ordinate and develop that plan to help the region, Central Government and other funders realise the regional priorities it could back.

Aim of the Plan

The plan aims to guide the long-term direction and help the region to prioritise, fund and deliver high impact economic initiatives over the next five to 10 years, that in turn will help to:

  • Create some of the 100,000 new (decent) jobs needed in the region over the next 30 years in line with the population growth projections (200,000) in the Wellington Regional Growth Framework
  • Improve the quality of life of residents by making the region more productive, resilient, inclusive, sustainable and have thriving Māori and Pasifika communities
  • Elevate about 20 to 40 regionally-significant initiatives and complement individual local development plans.

Plan Timeline

Phase 1 – insights and data

What: Collate, index and summarise more than 300 plans. Identify priority sectors and enablers.
When: Already completed

Phase 2 – develop a regional economic development plan

What: Engage and confirm key sectors and enablers. Identify and prioritise high impact regional economic initiatives.
When: August 2021-July 2022

Phase 3 – implement the plan

What: Support priority initiatives and ensure integration and co-ordination across multiple delivery agencies.
When: August 2022-2032

July Progress Update

A thorough process has been undertaken to develop the plan over the last 12 months. Recent activities include:

  • The key components of the plan, including the regional data snapshot, overarching Wellington regional economic development framework, and positioning diagram, were approved by the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee in May
  • Steering group members, with support from WellingtonNZ, have developed the sector and enabler chapters of the plan
  • Initiatives that address some of the issues and opportunities identified in each chapter and contribute to the aims of the plan have been shortlisted
  • The final draft plan has been endorsed by the Steering Group and will be presented to the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee for approval on 26 July 2022.

Once the Wellington Regional Leadership Committee approve the plan, the design will be finalised, the plan will be published, and we will shift our focus to supporting project leads and finding pathways to implement the shortlisted initiatives.

The plan is a living document that will evolve and adapt as conditions change, relationships are built, and new initiatives arise. We would like to hear from you if you have ideas for the pipeline of initiatives that address some of the issues and opportunities highlighted in the plan. Please get in touch with our relevant contacts to discuss any initiatives.

Workshop Summary Report

This report summarises the Regional Economic Development Planning (REDP) workshop held on 6 December 2021 with Wellington regional leaders from businesses, iwi, central and local government.

The workshop was an opportunity to hear from a broad range of stakeholders about economic development, opportunities, barriers, and initiatives to shape the Wellington Regional Economic Development Plan.

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Get in touch

Programme Manager Stuart Taylor is working with partners across the region to put together the Regional Economic Development Plan.

You can email Stuart at [email protected].

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