Hammer out a deal, Marvel fans!

WellingtonNZ is auctioning off the world’s largest Thor hammer on Trade Me with all the proceeds going to Te Wao Nui Regional Children’s Hospital.

Currently resting on the Wellington waterfront, Mjölnir — official name of the Thor hammer — was created to promote Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Exhibition. While the exhibition runs until the end of April, now is the time for it to find a new owner.

The hammer is listed with a $1 reserve and the auction will run for 10 days.

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While several calls have been fielded from people expressing an interest in owning it, WellingtonNZ major events advisor Siobhan Tanoa says it is only fair that it goes to the highest bidder – and the person with the ability and means to shift it.

Anyone keen to own the hammer needs to know it’s more than six metres high and three and a half metres long, very heavy and glows blue at night.

“It’s big,” says Siobhan. “Getting it to the waterfront was a challenge and getting it from there to a new home will need a bit of planning. Anyone thinking of placing a bid needs to factor that in.”

And buyer beware: we cannot guarantee that if thrown, the hammer will return to you or grant you the power of flight. It would also be really hard to throw.

The hammer was created by Scale Studios and Silk Design and replicates the hammer wielded by Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in Thor: Love and Thunder, which is on display at the Marvel exhibition.

The hammer is featuring as one of TradeMe’s cool auctions – a sought-after category currently featuring a revolving house, a hand-painted Taylor Swift jacket and a runway. 

Te Wao Nui Regional Children’s Hospital CEO Guy Ryan says they are thrilled to be the beneficiary of this extraordinary fundraising initiative. 

“This is a fantastic fundraiser in support of Te Wao Nui Regional Children’s Hospital! Our huge thanks to WellingtonNZ for their epic generosity. 

“Auctioning off Thor’s largest hammer is not just about acquiring a piece of art; it’s about creating a brighter healthier future for the thousands of Kiwi kids from around central Aotearoa who rely on the hospital’s care every year. Thank you for being the superheroes our communities need.”

Marvel: Earth’s Mightiest Exhibition is on at Tākina (opposite Te Papa) until 28 April and features some of Marvel’s earliest comic art, Oscar-winning costumes and an Iron Man suit from the movies, giving people a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get a close-up look at the characters that have shaped movies and comics for more than eight decades.

Date published: 14 March 2024