Kin recruitment and Storypark networking, collaborating in modern office space.

With help from employee experience and HR consultancy Humankind and recruitment agency Kin, learn from local business experts about flexible working, team culture, interviewing, and writing job ads.

Managing a flexible team

Eva Knotkova and Ian White from specialist IT security firm ZX Security talk to Kalyn Ponti from Humankind about maintaining performance and culture while allowing employees to work flexibly.

Ian White from specialist IT security firm ZX security with arms crossed in black and white.

Onboarding new recruits

Kalyn Ponti from Humankind and Biddy Harford of Te Omanga Hospice discuss onboarding new employees. Connect new employees to your organisation’s purpose, build relationships, and set clear expectations.

Kalyn Ponti from Humankind and Biddy Harford of Te Omanga Hospice sitting on a couch talking with eachother.

Attracting the best people to your business

Candidates are looking for more than just a workplace, they’re looking for a place to grow and thrive. Jamie MacDonald from Storypark shares how to differentiate your organisation to attract like-minded people with Jo MacDonald from Kin.

Jamie Macdonald and Jo Macdonald sitting down and looking at a phone, talking.

Guiding candidates through successful interviews

Running a good interview process is key. Bronson Pereira from Modica talks with Wendy Alexander from Kin about building company values into interviews to ensure a good cultural fit.

Bronson Pereira from Modica smiling at the camera.

Writing job ads to attract great candidates

A job ad must be well-crafted and impactful to stand out from competitors. Wendy Alexander and Erina Jamieson from Kin talk through the steps to writing a great job ad that will lure job seekers.

Wendy Alexander smiling at the camera while holding a pen in one hand.