Why do business in Wellington

The East by West Ferrie on the water in front of the Wellington Harbour.
A fraser Engineering worker checking over their work.

Introducing Wellington

Welcome to Wellington, a city that has it all: a booming economy, a lively culture, and a green conscience. Whether you are in the creative, tech, or public sector, you will find a network of 60,000 businesses in the region that can help you achieve your goals. There are more than 1,100 hospitality businesses fuelling the city.

The city is also home to a vibrant and diverse culture that celebrates creativity and innovation. And the best part is, Wellington is a city that respects and protects its environment. Green spaces make up 30% of the land area and it has the highest environmental security in the world.

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Central location

Sitting at the centre of the country, Wellington city is your gateway to the wider Wellington region and the rest of New Zealand.

With expanding towns just up the coast, you also have access to a world-class wine region in the Wairarapa and high-value manufacturing just across the harbour in Hutt Valley. With an airport that’s 15 minutes from the CBD, a thriving economy of options are open to you.

Wellington is a city at the heart of New Zealand. Our compact capital is a place of endless possibilities.

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Home of Government

As home to the Government and headquarters for most of New Zealand’s central government agencies and many industry associations, Wellington is an impactful city that creates positive change.

Being compact and collaborative also means the city has gained a reputation for easy access to high-profile people within the realms of Government agencies, politics, education institutes, local industry and sectors of strength.

As the political and geographical heart of New Zealand, and recently recognised as one of the 21 places of the future by Cognizant, there are endless opportunities to connect with the country’s decision-makers and regulators, and other business professionals in your industry.

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The East by West Ferrie on the water in front of the Wellington Harbour.

Made here

The Wellington region is where innovation thrives. The capital has a proud history of ambitious, home-grown companies competing globally — from billion-dollar companies, including Xero, to emerging businesses like Hnry and Sharesies.

Wellington’s businesses are also leading the way in sustainable initiatives that are influencing consumers and driving societal change for a better tomorrow.

FTN Motion, for example, is making the world’s most beautiful, moped-class electric motorcycle, ‘Streetdog’, while reducing congestion, commute times and pressure on the planet. At the same time, Ika Rere/East by West boasts the first fully electric passenger ferry in the southern hemisphere.

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Creative capital

Wellington has been the creative capital of New Zealand from the start.

The innovative tech and screen sectors alone have been instrumental in Wellington developing a reputation as the centre of New Zealand’s digital and gaming community over the past two decades.

Also designated as a UNESCO City of Film, Wellington has a proud history in the screen sector too, best known for The Lord of the Rings films, King Kong, Avatar and its globally recognised post-production capabilities.

It’s a city where entrepreneurs can reach great heights in different industries, locally and globally, in their own way.

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A fraser Engineering worker checking over their work.

Innovation specialists

The region has the largest research, science and innovation workforce in the country.

Boosted by funders and incubators like Creative HQ and Callaghan Innovation, Wellington is a region that builds up creative thinkers with wild ideas.

As New Zealand’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation supports businesses to explore and create new technologies, products and services.

Creative HQ is another innovation agency that supports business founders, start-ups and corporates via incubation, acceleration and innovation programmes.

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Adaptable work spaces

When it comes to finding the perfect office, retail or industrial space for your business, there are numerous multi-national and local leasing agencies that can help you.

If you’re looking for a flexible base, Wellington has a number of co-working spaces in prime locations, which is also perfect for networking with other professionals from various industries.

Working in a co-working or shared space allows people to share their ideas and work closely with each other. It’s also where you’ll encounter like-minded individuals who can help keep you or your team motivated.

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Work/life balance

With genuine pathways to success and stimulation, the Wellington region also has a culture focused on work-life balance.

Perched on the water’s edge and surrounded by tree-covered hills, you’ll find world-class culture, hospitality, events and nature, all within easy access from the CBD.

In fact, its compact nature has earned it the title of New Zealand’s most walkable city, with the average resident taking just 14 minutes to walk to all amenities.

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