Four people stand inside a workshop at the Metal Art Ltd., a commercial furniture manufacturer located in Lower Hutt.

How WellingtonNZ can help your business grow

How we can help

Our team can help smaller established businesses if they meet certain criteria.

A business should:

  • be well-established and have been trading for more than two years
  • already hire full-time staff
  • are in a growth phase, and want to hire more staff, get more equipment, or upscale and grow their operation.

If your business meets this criteria, you will need to sign up to the Regional Business Partner Network (RBPN).

The RBPN is a government-funded initiative that supports small and medium-sized businesses wanting to grow and innovate. WellingtonNZ is the agency that supports businesses in the Wellington region.

Register with the RBPN

To access funding and resources for your business through WellingtonNZ, you’ll need to sign up to the RBPN.

Register with the RBPN
The team at Studio Pacific Architecture, a New Zealand-based cross-disciplinary architecture firm, are gathered around a table looking at documents.

Next steps

One of our business growth managers will meet with you to carry out a confidential ‘discovery session’. It’s an open, honest conversation about your business, including challenges, goals and your commitment to working with us and other service providers to make the changes needed.

Our team can give you some recommendations, including introducing you to other businesses which have solved similar issues. The team can also connect you with courses, networks such as BioTechNZ, and other agencies or services.

Find out more about BioTechNZ

Capability funding

You can access partial funding to cover the cost of working with business specialists on areas including business and financial planning, governance, raising capital, marketing strategy and more. This funding is all about upskilling so that you can look at growth and improvements.


We can refer you to Business Mentors to connect business owners with others who can offer guidance and support and share their experiences.

Find out more about Business Mentors

R&D support

It’s our role to get Wellington-based innovative businesses access to Callaghan Innovation’s funding and services, and to give you the expertise and advice you need to support and accelerate your innovation, product development and ongoing research and development (R&D) project.

Find out more about R&D support

Take on a student or graduate

If your business is growing, you could benefit from taking on a tertiary student or recent graduate. This can help your business find fresh talent, build your reputation as a graduate-friendly employer and bring in fresh perspectives.

Find out more about taking on a student or graduate

We are here to support your business.

WellingtonNZ has a team of dedicated business advisers ready to help your business access support and services. Whether you’re a business looking for support in R&D or growth, our team can help.

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