Only in Wellington

Wellington Te Whanganui-a-Tara is full of stories about little moments, in ordinary places, that have led to some pretty extraordinary successes. Discover these stories, and the people behind them

Wellington is a place of opportunity. In our parks, streets, cafes and offices — and in our people — it's a city with a unique balance of big ideas, close nature, and progressive thinking. A place that leaves a mark on the people who live here, and on those who pass through it. 

We call it "the Wellington effect."

The region fosters collaboration, building careers and businesses that offer work-life balance as well as global acclaim. Explore the stories of the locals below, stories that could have only happened here, and write your own in the heart of New Zealand. 


Local stories to explore

Seek out the sculptures

Find bronze pigeons for each of the above stories, across the city — all crafted by artist Jonathan Campbell

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