Wellington Chocolate Factory

Wellington Chocolate Factory has your golden ticket to the city’s sweetest treats

wellington chocolate factory chocolate range


Cuba precinct


5 Eva Street
Wellington CBD

Sometimes it feels like all good things are hidden somewhere between Eva Street and Hannahs Laneway in Wellington. And the Wellington Chocolate Factory is no exception.

With the dream of creating a better-tasting world, the Wellington Chocolate Factory sets itself apart with their meticulous process. This labour of love beings with the team sourcing beans from around the world, whose origins influence the very distinct flavour characteristics of every bar this original Wonka factory produces. And as they craft each flavour, they tell a uniquely Kiwi story.

wellington chocolate factory making chocolate
Wellington Chocolate Factory people dining area
wellington chocolate factory coffee and chocolate
wellington chocolate factory tasting chocolate

Using artisan methods from the 18th century, they craft some mighty tasty chocolate bars, with a Kiwi twist.

Each wrapper is lovingly created by New Zealand artists, and every bar has a story to tell. Chocolate isn’t just chocolate in this factory, it’s an art form you can taste.

Ever wondered what a cacao pod looks like? The factory runs public tours every Saturday from 11 (that you need to book in for to get a spot) or you can organise a private tour with friends. You’ll get to wander around the open-plan factory and get taught all about the signature Wellington Chocolate Factory process.

And make sure you try their hot chocolate, it might just be worth writing home about.

This cacao gem in the centre of Wellington will change how you see and taste chocolate. But don’t just take our word for it, book a tour today and become a certified chocoholic.

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