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Wander down Wellington's most colourful street and discover quirky cafés, vintage clothing, record stores, art galleries and get splashed by the famous Bucket Fountain

Records on shop floor at Slow Boat Records on Cuba Street

Slow Boat Records

183 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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The kind of record store you thought only existed in movies from the 1980s and 90s, Slow Boat Records on Cuba Street is a must-visit for anyone who is into music. The store is always playing some interesting music and it’s not uncommon for customers to walk up to the counter to say, ‘I’d like to buy the album you’re playing’ and from time-to-time there are live performances in-store. The staff are passionate about music and all have their own specialist genres and are happy for customers to browse the new and used CDs, vinyl, DVDs, posters and t-shirts to their hearts’ content.


Hunters & Collectors

134 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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Hunters and Collectors is an expertly-curated trove of eclectic clothing, curios and accessories from vintage to modern, skate, street and punk. Originally opened in 1984 by Christina O and Mike Zero, the shop was the first to combine high-end designer items with art deco antique pieces, curiosities, leatherwear, Doc Martens, and vintage clothing. Christina O still oversees the Cuba Street store, which is a go-to for anyone looking for hard-to-find, coveted designer items and anything rare and exotic.

You'll spot Hunters and Collectors from its wild window display, which often ties into what's going on in the city, and set aside some solid time for browsing. 


Hunters Collectors shop floor
Cuba Street Bucket Fountain Instagrammablespots 1

Bucket Fountain

83-117 Cuba Mall, Te Aro, Wellington

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It takes a special kind of city to rock a fountain made from buckets, but Wellington isn’t your run-of-the-mill kind of city. You’ll find the Bucket Fountain on Cuba Street where the sight and sound of the brightly coloured buckets filling with water and surprise splashing people walking by is an essential Wellington experience. The Bucket Fountain was installed in 1969 and was originally called the Water Mobile, until its current and much apter name took hold.

Pegasus Books

Cuba Mall, 204 Left Bank, Te Aro, Wellington

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The home of unexpected one-off finds – from rare and unusual books, to poetry slam nights and gigs, to spotting local literary heroes. Pegasus Books is a small, independent bookseller who stock quality books, ranging from antiquarian to near new, at good prices. Their well-read staff have a wide knowledge of books and the literary world and will be more than happy to help you find something that’s just your cup of tea. More than just a store, Pegasus Books regularly hold events and gigs, including Friday night Fiction Room, where musicians, writers and poets perform in the fiction section to a packed-out room. Pegasus Books are also a venue for Wellington’s annual literary festival, Verb Wellington.


Shop floor in Pegasus Books on Cuba Mall
Book shelf at Pegasus Books in Cuba Mall
Pegasus Books in Cuba Mall
Fear Factory Wellington

Fear Factory

2/120 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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Are you feeling brave? Venture below the deck of the lost ghost ship, the HMS Wayfarer for a nautical-themed nightmare. Wellington's most haunted attraction features a dark, interactive maze that will entertain and terrify you in equal parts. Real actors provide real frights and real fun. This adrenaline-packed activity is suitable for teenagers and families - and if you decide it's not for you, you can leave anytime by yelling 'I chicken out!' but be warned, you'll be added to the ever-growing 'chicken counter'. 


Iko Iko

118 Cuba Mall, Te Aro, Wellington

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Iko Iko is a treasure trove of trinkets, from pretty things for your home, to interesting books on design, Iko Iko is full of the things you may not need, but just must have. Their window displays change regularly and are a riot of colour and fun – themes which continue in-store. There’s a great range of gift cards, perfect for marking the traditional through to the non-traditional occasions. It’s the kind of place that people of all ages will be into and it’s a great place for a browse.


Shop counter at Iko Iko in Cuba Mall
Animal cups at Iko Iko in Cuba Mall
Shop floor at Iko Iko in Cuba Mall
Midnight Espresso discussion

Midnight Espresso

178 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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The original café for midnight feasts on Cuba Street, Midnight Espresso is one of the last places still open on Cuba Street to score a late-night coffee and bite to eat.

Their iconic café counter is generously piled high with vegetarian (and often vegan and gluten-free) frittatas, pies, sandwiches, cakes and slices, all decorated in an eclectic and flamboyant way with fruit and flowers and mostly all under $10. There’s also a vast short-order menu written large on the café wall and liquid refreshments in the form of freshly squeezed juices and high-octane Havana espresso.



200 Cuba Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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In a city that has an established love affair with Malaysian food, when it comes to Rasa it's a long-term marriage. Rasa was opened in 2003 and quickly became known for their signature dish – dosa, which is a fermented rice pancake of South Indian origin.

It’s huge, delicious and comes with a range of house-made condiments. Their beef rendang and Goan fish curry also come highly recommended. With its invitingly warm red and orange interior, friendly service and BYO wine license, Rasa is a popular place to go for a celebratory dinner with a bottle of local Martinborough pinot noir.


Rasa wall art
Suite Art Gallery rooms
Suite Art Gallery outside
Suite Art Gallery exterior

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