The native trees lining the path in Pikarere Firest.

The forest, part of Porirua Scenic Reserve, contains visible remnants of a peneplain (an eroded land mass) estimated to be between 30 and 40 million years old. 

Walking tracks are steep in places but are accessible to people of most ages and fitness levels. The tracks wind through native forest containing kohekohe, tawa, mahoe and rewarewa trees. Most of the large rimu and rata were logged, but a few remain.

Native bird numbers have increased thanks to pest control efforts. 

Pikarere Forest is half an hour north of Wellington via State Highway 1, and just 10 minutes out of Porirua. Pikarere Farm and Pikarere Beach are nearby.

Location details

Jurisdiction  Porirua City Council
Permits required Private land, contact Screen Wellington
Location descriptors Forest/woods, deciduous, evergreen, foliage, canopy, serene, wilderness, remote, untamed, uninhabited, vast, uncharted, isolated, solitude, rugged, natural, expanse, scenic, trees.