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Close-up of a plate and side from Oikos Greek restaurant.

Oikos Hellenic Cuisine

An unassuming building in Miramar is home to Oikos Hellenic Cuisine. Combining fresh ingredients, delicious, rustic food, and excellent service, diners feel like they’re part of the family.

Chef and owner Theo Papouis says the name Oikos (pronounced ee-kos) encompasses three concepts — the family, the house, and the home. These values are the foundation of the restaurant.

Stepping into Oikos on a Saturday night makes you feel like you’ve arrived at a party. “We’re fast. We’re loud,” says Theo. “When I think about the best times I’ve had out, it’s not refined and stuffy. It’s usually quite loud, really fun, good company, and bulky wines. That’s what I love."

Close-up of a colourful salad from Oikos Greek restaurant.

The menu’s traditional Greek flavours with a modern (and Kiwi) twist are a reflection of Theo himself. Growing up in Wellington, Theo dreamt of opening a Greek restaurant. He wanted to show Wellingtonians Greek dishes they might not have encountered before. He also wanted to give old recipes new twists.

The most popular dish is Kleftiko. Slow-cooked lamb shoulder, (which is not the most expensive of cuts), is cooked to perfection at Oikos.

“We’re fast. We’re loud.”

Theo Papouis, chef and owner of Oikos

Other absolute must-tries include Kolokithaki (a salad of raw zucchini, sundried tomato, almonds and mint), and feta cheese coated in sesame seeds with honey and thyme. The dessert yoghurt is heavenly, made with berries, rosewater, white chocolate, and candied walnuts.

Its location in the suburbs has not been a hindrance to its success. Oikos is a destination restaurant and people are more than willing to drive to the suburbs to dine there. Experience the wonderful, familial atmosphere and the excellent food is more than worth the short trip to Miramar.

Close-up of a plate of cooked cauliflower and salad from Oikos Greek restaurant.