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Exterior of The Larder café in Miramar. It is a grand old house with weatherboards and half-circle windows. Tables and chairs are outside and a parent and two children walk in the door.
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    133 Darlington Road, Miramar, Wellington

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    The Larder

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Whether you’re from up the road or out of town, The Larder wants you to feel like a local. Since 2009 the Miramar café has been providing a balance of simple hearty fare alongside fine dining-inspired lunches.

Found in a prominent turn-of-the-century house, The Larder oozes old-world charm. The entrance has a huge wooden half-circle window and a large ornate fireplace inside. Co-owners Jacob Brown and Sarah Bullock think the grand setting has set the precedent for their food ethos, “We always want to overdeliver on expectations, with surroundings like these we feel it’s only right.”

On the counter at The Larder in Miramar sits a stack of caramelised pumpkin, feta, olives, and rocket sandwiches. Staff in the background carry plates and make coffee.

Jacob has a background in fine dining and this influence is clear in the menu. The Larder prides itself on being ‘all things to all people’. So while you can order duck confit, there are also café classics like scrambled eggs and cheese scones.

Two dishes that remain steadfastly on the order board are pork belly and Gremolata crumbled lamb’s brains. Jacob and Sarah believe strongly in the philosophy of ‘nose-to-tail eating’, so wherever possible they will use all parts of the animal to avoid wastage.
With seating for 30 inside and a few tables out front, there’s plenty of room. Wētā Workshop and the Wētā Cave are down the street, so The Larder is a popular spot for tourists and Wētā workers.