A second helping of Visa Wellington On a Plate

Sick of cooking at home? Our favourite food festival is restarting their culinary festivities at level 2

Hotdog family VWOAP Wellington On a Plate 2019


8 Sep – 3 Oct 2021


Various locations, Wellington

Visa Wellington On a Plate VWOAP 2019 Highwater Polynation 37

Visa WOAP is running for four more weeks with your favourite burgers, cocktails and events back on the menu.

The majority of participating restaurants will return at level 2, with more than 90 per cent of the festival events still scheduled to proceed.

Festival ratings will also return at level 2, where you’ll be able to rate the burgers and cocktails you’ve tried on the website. Choose from hundreds of options as you get out and support local across the region. We suggest you get booking now.

Garage Project presents Burger Wellington

Burger Wellington is a phenomenon. Every year the number of entries and the number of burgers consumed increase. In 2020, diners ate 279,000 burgers over 20 days. We now have four more weeks, let's set a new record for 2021!

This year there are 256 burgers - ranging from meaty to plant-based, dairy-free to gluten-free - there's something for everyone. Lots of the burgers have a Garage Project beer match - a burger and a beer - what could be better?

Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant burger
CGR merchant cocktail

Tommy's presents Cocktail Wellington

Wellington is the cocktail capital and Cocktail Wellington celebrates Wellington's special status. It runs across the full month of August and works as an aperitif or digestif to the rest of the festival - the perfect way to start or end a night.

Wellington's bartenders have fun and get experimental with new flavours, new combinations and potentially your new favourite cocktail. Every cocktail comes with a food pairing/tapas (which ranges in offerings from the fun to the refined, but always delicious) and most come with a non-alcoholic version for everyone to enjoy.


Ticketed Festival events are in the process of planning new dates, where possible, with event organisers and iTICKET contacting ticket holders with updates shortly.

The scheduled four weeks will help to account for the reality that Festival venues will serve less people under Level 2 restrictions (limited to 50 per venue).

Please note, under Alert Level 2 mandatory scanning, masks and distanced dining are in place for the time being.