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Tia Ranginui: Gonville Gothic

City Gallery, Civic Square, 101 Wakefield St, Wellington

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In this exhibition Tua o Tāwauwau/Away with the Fairies (2020–1), Whanganui photographer Tia Ranginui (Ngāti Hine Oneone) addresses patupaiarehe.

In Māori myth, they were the first people of New Zealand. They lived in the forests and mountains, building their homes from swirling mists. They had pale skin and red or fair hair and could be hostile to trespassers. Redheads and albinos were often assumed to be the result of interbreeding. Today, some speculate that patupaiarehe descended from early Europeans who discovered Aotearoa eons before Polynesians. Ranginui says such theories are 'exploiting our stories, against us’.



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