Round wooden tables and green cushioned chairs are seated in front of full-length windows at Bellamy's restaurant at the Beehive in Wellington.

Bellamys by Logan Brown

On the third floor of the Executive Wing of New Zealand Parliament, otherwise known as The Beehive, you’ll find Bellamys by Logan Brown. It’s where politicians, foodies, locals, and visitors alike dine on flavourful dishes overlooking parliament grounds.

Bellamys is open for lunch and dinner, offering a high-quality yet approachable dining experience. Each dish highlights incredible local produce and ingredients on a seasonal menu.

Diners have the choice of two or three courses, with a carefully curated drinks selection.

A trip to Bellamys is likely to be a special meal out without making you feel you have to worry about which fork to use. The welcoming environment comes with the knowledge that you’re dining and drinking right in the heart of New Zealand’s government. You never know, you could even find yourself next to a familiar face.

Bellamys was established along with the New Zealand Parliament in the 1850s. The restaurant was exclusively used by members of parliament (MPs) and their guests. It found its current home in the mid-1970s, where it became a fine-dining affair. It earned a reputation for serving up the best liquor in the land, with crockery, table linen and silverware shipped from Britain. Some of the original Bellamys crockery and silverware still accompany, adding a touch of nostalgia to your dining experience.

Bellamys’ head chef is Joshua Ross. He trained at Le Cordon Bleu, and fine-dining institution Logan Brown was the first to put the Wellingtonian through his paces. Josh now works in partnership with Logan Brown co-owners Steve Logan and Shaun Clouston to curate the Bellamys experience.