Jeremy Corbett on a blue screen.

It’s a simple equation — comedians on the road plus live theatre equals mayhem. The crew from ‘7 Days’ have dispensed with the comfort of the television studio and hit the road. The long-running television comedy show is bringing all the news and crazy commentary to Wellington’s Michael Fowler Centre. Host Jeremy Corbett, and team captains Paul Ego and Dai Henwood head up the hilarity. Joining them are old favourites Ben Hurley, Justine Smith, Hayley Sproull, and Josh Thomson. Watch as they examine the stories of the week and milk them for laughs.  

Live theatre means no television editors, no censors, no lawyers. It’s raw, honest, and very funny. First up, you get quick-fire standup comedy and then a bumper, off-the-leash ‘7 Days’ show. Bring your friends, bring your partner, bring a work group and bring your sense of humour. It’s Aotearoa’s best comedy night out.