English actor, comedian, songwriter, musician, screenwriter and playwright, Eric Idle wearing a grey suit poses with his face cupped in his hands.

Eric Idle has been in show business since 1961. Whatever he turns his hand to, he makes people laugh. Whether it’s part of the comedy troupe Monty Python, or as a creator of the hit musical ‘Spamalot’. Now, the actor, comedian, songwriter, musician, screenwriter, and playwright is coming to The Opera House in Wellington. His new show. ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life, Live!’ is a nostalgic one-man musical reflecting his love of comedy, music, and life. 

The show also touches on his love of ‘Mock and Roll’. This weird hybrid of comedy and music is a long-time focus of Eric’s. ‘The Rutles’, the Beatles parody movie he created, was the world’s first-ever mockumentary. 

He also pays tribute to George Harrison and Robin Williams in his show. 

On being in show business for 63 years Eric says “Unfortunately I can’t find the exit.” He then added glumly, “My role in life seems to be cheering people up.”