Critically acclaimed comic, Ed Byrne, is returning to Wellington. He is wearing a suit, and square-frame glasses and has a peculiar facial expression. The image has a broken glass texture overlay.

Following a slew of five-star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe, critically acclaimed comic Ed Byrne is returning to Wellington. They say “comedy is defined as tragedy plus time”. Ed Byrne’s new solo show, ‘Tragedy Plus Time’ seeks to test this theory. He will be mining tragic events from his own life to find the humour.

With his TV career now in its third decade, Ed Byrne has become a household name in the United Kingdom and beyond. Television credits include ‘Q.I’, ‘Mock the Week’, ‘The Graham Norton Show’, as well as hosting ‘Live At The Apollo’. With legions of fans both in the United Kingdom and abroad, Ed remains the observational stand-up to see.   

“Hilarious, extremely dark, profoundly touching and resolutely unsentimental. Ed Byrne has plumbed the very depths of his soul and found something verging on greatness.”

Rolling Stone, UK