English comedian, writer and presenter, Sarah Millican, faces the camera with her hand to her chin and a subtle smile wearing a yellow floral blouse in front of a dark green wall.

Observational comic Sarah Millican often references relationships and body image in her stand-up act. For her latest international tour, Late Bloomer, she tracks her journey from a quiet child to a confident comedian. The Michael Fowler Centre will chuckle along as Sarah explains her transformation. A late developer physically, she is now body confident. Once shy she’s now happy to voice an opinion. 

There’ll be hilarious anecdotes about her childhood and reflections on growing up. Don’t miss the funny takes on everyday topics like dinners and “lady gardens”. Newcastle-born Sarah has a ‘Geordie’ accent. Her turns of phrases and vocal delivery make the jokes all the funnier. It’ll feel like you’re listening to an old mate. It’s a unique comedic style that makes for a great evening’s entertainment.