Comedian David Walliams stands with a pile of his children's books, his hands resting on the top. He wears a blue suit.

David Walliams’ comedic brilliance has captivated audiences around the world for two decades. To adults he’s known for his crazy escapades on comedy skit shows ‘Little Britain’, and ‘Come Fly with Me’. For children, it’s any of his 40 best-selling books that keeps them captivated.

David will hold everyone in the palm of his hand when he brings his one-man show to Wellington’s St James Theatre. This daytime show is geared for the kids, but parents, grandparents, and anyone in between will enjoy David’s captivating and joyful stories.

‘The David Walliams Book Show’ is filled with hilarious stories about his childhood. He will also talk about the inspiration for his most famous book characters, act out some hilarious extracts, and share some funny fan letters. It doesn’t matter if you’ve read one or all of his books, audiences will be charmed by the feast of fun on offer. The show is also interactive. “Kids will have the chance to ask me anything, with a star prize for the best question!” says David.

With titles like ‘The Boy in the Dress’, ‘The Blunders’, ‘Robodog’, ‘Spaceboy’, and ‘Ratburger’ David Walliams’ books have exceeded 56 million sales globally. They’ve also been translated into 55 languages. He’s just as funny in person as he is in print. Get ready for an uproarious performance from a master of children’s entertainment.