Members of the Akram Khan Company on stage in a dramatic pose as one character stretches out to point threateningly at another. There is a  blue lit background.

Akram Khan Company: Jungle Book reimagined

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    St James Theatre

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    From $69

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The much-loved and classic book is reimagined by one of the most innovative dance companies in the world, Akram Khan Company (UK).

In their latest thought-provoking production, you’ll be transported to a near future world. A family is torn apart as they escape their homeland ravaged by climate change. Join famous characters Mowgli, Baloo, and Kaa as they explore a strange new city jungle. State-of-the-art animation, narrated voiceover and a powerful soundtrack bring the jungle and city to life.

‘Jungle Book reimagined’ is a beautifully compelling and vital piece of storytelling about our need to belong, to bond with others, and respect our natural world.

Exclusive to Wellington for a limited season as part of the Aotearoa New Zealand Festival of the Arts, this is your chance to witness the brilliance of one of the world’s greatest contemporary choreographers.

“Jungle Book reimagined feels like a blockbuster cinematic experience with a powerful message for us all. It’s truly exceptional.”

The Stage (UK)
Members of the Akram Khan Company on stage posing with arms outstretched. The background is black but the floor and the performers are bathed in green light.

Ambra Vernuccio