Two dancers are doing a romantic pose on a stage farmed with red curtains and a massive disco ball behind them.

Ballroom Blitz 2024

  • Venue

    The Opera House

Traditional ballroom dancing is given a cutting-edge treatment. The producers of Irish Dance and magic sensation ‘Celtic Illusion’ have turned their attention to the ballroom. Careful and considered choreography has produced a mesmerising display of skill and passion. The artistry of Aric Yegudkin takes centre stage. The three-time Australian ‘Dancing with the Stars’ champion has concocted a wild show. His choreography creates a spectacle where rhythm meets romance and passion ignites the dance floor.  

This high-octane production features fabulous costumes, lighting, and stage designs along with heart-pounding music performed by a live band. Ballroom Blitz will leave you spellbound, reminding you that the possibilities are limitless when it comes to dance.