Jon Ronson, a British-American journalist, author, and filmmaker, in front of an orange background.

Do psychopaths rule the world? How do we define normal? Are you friends with a psychopath and are you worried you might be one? Renowned journalist, filmmaker, and author Jon Ronson wants to find out. He’s reopening the case 15 years after publishing ‘The Psychopath Test’. The best-selling book was ground-breaking at the time and continues to fascinate audiences. That is why he’s back on the road, this time with exclusive anecdotes and fresh reflections. In an age where society’s rationality is in question, Jon will deliver an evening of incisive inquiry, seasoned with his trademark wit and insights. 

The show features mystery special guests. Each will share tales brimming with twists and turns. Join Jon at The Opera House for an electrifying journey into the enigmatic world of psychopaths and the perplexing concept of normalcy.