The four members of award-winning podcast 'No Such Thing As A Fish' pose in front of a dark blue wall.

In 2014 a podcast was born. Dan, James, Anna, and Andy gathered around their microphones and discussed the most interesting thing they had discovered over the past week. That was episode one of ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ (NSTAAF). Now ten years later, the gang are heading around the world on the ‘Thundernerds’ tour. Across those ten years the fearless fact foursome have racked up 500 episodes and half-a-billion downloads.  Like the other shows on the tour, the Wellington show will feature a unique live recording for the podcast. There’ll also be plenty of extras with an all-new first half full of fun, facts, and questionable puns. 

The NSTAAF team say “we can’t wait to get on the road again and celebrate a decade of dorkery with our loyal listeners. It may seem like we’ve been going forever, but Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are still touring after 62 years in the business. And we like to think of ourselves as the Rolling Stones of podcasting, but with more moss.”

“Unapologetically nerdy but beautifully accessible … ‘No Such Thing As A Fish’ is a must-listen for those who like to be the one at the pub table with the quirky facts.”

The Guardian