In an off-white and black photo collage, a hand holds a syringe vertically, the top of the needle aligns with the New Zealand Parliament building, and Wellington's downtown is billowing with smoke.

It takes you from the elimination of the virus to the elimination of a government. ‘Transmission: Beta’ is a powerful play by local playwright Stuart McKenzie. Tracking the fallout after COVID-19 swept the motu, it’s an emotional rollercoaster. It records the fiery protests, vaccination rollouts, economic turmoil, and downfall of a Prime Minister. Miranda Harcourt and Stuart McKenzie directed the play. It follows 2021’s ‘Transmission’ which recorded the initial battle against the pandemic. 

The play features the voices of politicians, scientists, medical practitioners, and anti-mandate protesters. It’s sure to be a thrilling theatrical ride through an extraordinary time in New Zealand history.

“A window into the unfathomable responsibility of political power, humane and complex.” 

The Spinoff