Portrait of Dawn french against a black background.

Dawn French

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    Michael Fowler Centre

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    From $99.90

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Few people are as firmly ensconced in the British comedy world as Dawn French. Her latest tour ‘Dawn French is a Huge Twat’ comes to Wellington in 2024. “This show is so named because unfortunately, it’s horribly accurate,” French said, “There have been far too many times I have made stupid mistakes or misunderstood something vital or jumped the gun in a spectacular display of twattery.”

Since the 1980’s the actor, comedienne, and writer has been making people giggle. Her many appearances on television include being half of the comedy duo ‘French and Saunders’, and the smash hit ‘The Vicar of Dibley’. She’s also penned six bestselling books and appeared on the big screen. Stand by for some buttock-clenching embarrassing stories to laugh at as she takes the stage again.