The six vocalists in The King’s Singers are all dressed in dark blue suits, some with their jackets off in an informal manner. They are sitting or standing in a light-filled room.

The King’s Singers: Songbirds

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    Michael Fowler Centre

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For more than 50 years this irresistibly charismatic ensemble has represented the gold standard in a cappella singing. With their concert ‘Songbirds’ they will present a repertoire inspired by their favourite feathered friends — spanning the last 500 years. The programme juxtaposes ancient and modern in a way that makes both soar to new heights. Modern-day ‘songbirds’ like Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles, and Queen will interplay with works by Franz Schubert, Clément Janequin, and Pierre Passereau.

The King’s Singers are renowned worldwide for their connection and engagement with audiences. Their unrivalled technique, versatility, and consummate musicianship were last on show in Wellington at the 2018 New Zealand Festival.

“All mellifluously and flawlessly performed.”

The Times