Wellington Regional Trails

Walking time

45 min




Walking/Running, Mountain Biking


Shared trail

Walking difficulty

Easiest: Short walk

Mountain Bike Grade

Easy: Grade 2


105m highest point



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About the trail

Spicer Link is one of the most popular trails within Te Ara a Rangituhi. This flat, easy trail is ideal if you’re out for a leisurely family walk or learning the basics of mountain biking.

The trail weaves through the Porirua bush, leading walkers on a 45-minute journey. Allow more time if you have young children — the path offers glimpses of fairies tucked in among the trees.

Spicer Link is a shared, two-way trail and serves as a catchment for some of the downhill mountain biking trails in Te Ara a Rangituhi. Bikers are expected to give way to walkers.

The trail at Spicer Link Track located in Porirua.

The trail starts approximately 100m north of the Raiha Street entrance to Te Ara a Rangituhi and from Spicer Botanical Park in Porirua.

There are regular bus and train services to Porirua and the surrounding area. Timetables are available from the Metlink website.