The Barbie Collector

Barbie is a cultural icon and one of the best-selling dolls of the twentieth century. Wellington Museum’s exhibition ‘The Barbie Collector’ explores some of the rare and retro finds from Kiwi Barbie enthusiast, Patsy Carlyle. Everyone knows Barbie, but Patsy knows Barbie better than most. She is the ultimate Barbie Girl with a collection of 1,600 pristine boxed dolls. She has bought 500 of them (and some Kens) to create a pop-up exhibition that turns Wellington Museum into a ‘Barbie Dreamhouse’.

Patsy, a retired St John Ambulance paramedic, began collecting Barbies in the nineties. She says her collection has provided her with a sense of stress relief and joy. Head down to Wellington Museum for your own piece of joy or a dose of nostalgia. Discover the fantastic behind the plastic. Learn about who the first fashion designer to collaborate with Barbie was, and when she first went to the moon. You’ll also gain an insight into Patsy, and her Barbie world.

The exhibition also features a digital photo series of dolls by award-winning artist Yvonne Todd. Design your own Barbie at the craft station and make your Barbie dreams come true by taking photos in the life-size Barbie and Ken boxes.